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Oh, the Irony: The Patriots vs. the NFL, ESPN and Sports Illustrated

The NFL obviously doesn’t like to lose. Within mere days after Judge Berman’s ruling, all kinds of new lows have emerged from the depths:

  1. A misleading photo of Kraft with two other gentlemen, drinking and laughing is plopped smack under the headline ‘Patriots owner, ‘Deflategate’ judge mingle at a party. The truth? If you go to the New York gossip website Page Six who broke the story, you will see the names of those in the photo: Ron Perelmen, Robert Kraft, and Jack Welsh. No photo of the judge and Kraft exist, for the fact that they were introduced, spoke politely for a couple of minutes, and were never seen together before or since.
  2. On Tuesday…two days before the Patriots home-opening game…ESPN’s Outside the Lines, unleashes a forty page expose mixing facts with dazzling urban legends they have titled ‘Spygate to Deflategate: Inside what split the NFL and Patriots apart
  3. On the same day ESPN slammed the Patriots with a propaganda-esque style campaign fit for a John Steinbeck novel, Sports Illustrated’s article waves its magic football needle to pump more hot air into the heads of the true victims here: the general public.

The irony of all this? In a desperate attempt to smear the Patriots’ name and credibility, the NFL, ESPN, and Sport’s Illustrated, are destroying their own reputations. Continue reading

Controversy, Patriots

The Real Story on Judge Berman and Robert Kraft

kraft hamptonsDo you see the picture on the right? They seem to know each other pretty well—smiling and laughing and having a good old time. The men’s names in this picture are Ron Perelman (left), Robert Kraft (center), and Jack Welch (right.)

You can read those names listed under the photo on the gossip website who broke the story, Page Six, here.

It wouldn’t be uncommon to assume this was a photo of Kraft with Judge Berman. The display along with the headline is very misleading, but what else can you expect from a gossip-tabloid style website?

Okay, so you accept that there is no photo of Kraft and Berman “mingling”, but you want to know why a NY federal judge who has just overturned Tom Brady’s case was seen “mingling” with the Patriots’ owner at a party.

Here’s the facts: Continue reading

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Don’t Forget the First Warrior Who Built This Town We Call Patriot Nation

So Robert Kraft is a sell out eh? If it weren’t for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, Kraft wouldn’t be rolling in the cash right? Hold on while I laugh out loud for a moment.

Okay, laughing complete. Commence disappoint with a dash of anger at my fellow Patriot fans who follow in line with the likes of Skip Bayless in thinking Kraft sold out his quarterback and the Patriots to the NFL for cold hard cash. Sorry, but I’m not buying the crap you or Skip are trying to sell. Kraft has more money than you or Skip could ever dream of (pre and post Patriot owner) and if you haven’t noticed, he isn’t the youngest of bucks any more.

Rich people like Darrelle Revis are about cold hard cash. Wealthy, savvy businessmen like Robert Kraft are interested in building things and making their mark on the world. You don’t destroy the house you built for one public battle you can’t win. Kraft could care less about one battle, he’ll take that bullet so long as he wins the war. Continue reading

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Goodell is Playing His Way Into a Trap of His Own Demise

Despite the court of public opinion, Mr. Kraft made a key power move. It’s hard to believe that a wealthy man of Kraft’s stature, who turned around a laughing stock of a team into an elite competitive organization, would choke in the matter of a day or two. If you truly think Kraft lost the war when he surrendered to Goodell’s punishment. Think again.

There’s a chess match going on between Kraft and Goodell. Kraft just set up a trap with his public “surrender”, and Goodell is playing straight into it.

Continue reading

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No Matter How Hard You Try, You Will Never Destroy the Legacy of Tom Brady and the Patriots

Tom Brady isn’t finished, not by a long shot. By the time he’s done, there will be at least a fifth undisputed ring on his finger.

There will be no win he wants more than this one. He knows he doesn’t have another 10 years to get it. He’ll do everything in his power to make that happen, and he will become, without question, the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.

Enjoy the battle you have won. It won’t last. You haven’t won the war. Continue reading