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Don’t Forget the First Warrior Who Built This Town We Call Patriot Nation

So Robert Kraft is a sell out eh? If it weren’t for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, Kraft wouldn’t be rolling in the cash right? Hold on while I laugh out loud for a moment.

Okay, laughing complete. Commence disappoint with a dash of anger at my fellow Patriot fans who follow in line with the likes of Skip Bayless in thinking Kraft sold out his quarterback and the Patriots to the NFL for cold hard cash. Sorry, but I’m not buying the crap you or Skip are trying to sell. Kraft has more money than you or Skip could ever dream of (pre and post Patriot owner) and if you haven’t noticed, he isn’t the youngest of bucks any more.

Rich people like Darrelle Revis are about cold hard cash. Wealthy, savvy businessmen like Robert Kraft are interested in building things and making their mark on the world. You don’t destroy the house you built for one public battle you can’t win. Kraft could care less about one battle, he’ll take that bullet so long as he wins the war. Continue reading