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Brady Will Fight Back and He Has the Ammunition to Do It

So far, this whole “deflategate” turned “framegate” scandal has been every thing I expected it to be and more. This is the closest thing to a sports soap opera as you can get. It really can’t get any better than this.

As a Patriots fan, you get used to the us vs. them mentality, but as David Ortiz so eloquently put it, the NFL “bleeped up on that one”. Not only did they issue a ridiculous punishment for under inflated footballs, they lost credibility. Many who actually believed Brady was guilty now stand on his side. This is too much. The NFL went too far. Continue reading

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The Missing Key to “Deflategate”: A Theory

In the wee hours of January 19th, just hours after the AFC Championship game, an Indianapolis beat writer by the name of Bob Kravitz broke the biggest story of his career. This story, which would become known as “deflategate”, set both the sports and mainstream media world into a frenzy.

This, I believe, is the missing key to “deflategate”.

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