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My Response to Bob Kravitz’s Apology and to the Rest of the Deflategaters

Bob Kravitz, is among the first of those who attackedĀ the Patriots with “deflategate” to come out and publicly apologize…not for breaking the story (which he certainly has the right to do), but forĀ failing to make it clear that his opinions about Kraft, Belichick and Brady held ground only “IF” they were found guilty.

I am a professional communicator, and as a professional communicator, I failed miserably there. I’m not one who blames the reader for a misunderstanding; it’s incumbent upon me, as a writer or broadcaster, to use my words wisely, whether in a column or a tweet. I have to wear that one. I own that one.

But that wasn’t his apology. This was his apology. Continue reading

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#Deflategaters: The Heroes of Sports Journalism

Integrity. The word has been thrown around a lot the past five days. The irony in all this is that the ones who speak of justice and integrity while throwing stones at the Patriots, are the ones who could probably care less about the integrity of their own profession. Continue reading