In Utah, Salt is a Way of Life

There was a time people secretly rooted for the Jazz. They are a small market team with a great staff and seemingly great fans who poured their hearts into their young prospects…specifically, Gordon Hayward.

They watched this young buck grow from a gangling draft pick and into the man and All Star he’s become…only to have their hearts ripped out when he announced he was moving on to the Celtics in Free Agency.

As a fan, I totally get the heartbreak.

He opted out of his contract and pursued free agency. This move was a clear indication that he may not return as a Jazz. But the fans rallied…persisted that he stay. They put together money to buy #Stayward billboards. They unified to create videos pleading for him to stay. Teachers even had children write him letters on why he should never leave and how much they adored Hayward.

Beautiful right? Like something out of a movie? And in the happy Hollywood ending, he would stay. He’d be “loyal” to his fans who cheered for him all those years. He wouldn’t take the “easy” road. He’s better than that. Competitive. Our guy we rooted for will do everything it takes to win with the Jazz.

Because we own him.

He’s ours.

We made him into what he is and screw him for leaving.

Or the “I don’t care that he left. It’s the way he left. The Jazz organization deserves better. The fans deserve better.

He’s dead to me.”

And let’s not forget the salty response article from local beat writer, Gordon Monson: Goodbye Gordon Hayward, whoever you are.

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Believe in the Green

On March 1st I was officially on the Celtics train with my post There’s Something Pretty Amazing Going Down at TD Garden. I believed. I had nothing really to back it up, except for a great small run by the C’s and a gut feeling. Turns out that gut feeling came true.

The Celtics are in the playoffs.

If you’re wanting some statistical analysis about what they should do or should’ve done. You won’t find that here. That’s not why I love sports, nor is it the reason I stand behind this team. Continue reading


I Almost Gave Up…Almost

Friday, April 3rd, the Celtics faced the Milwaukee Bucks. I was ready for this game. Going in I knew it would be tough, but I believed in the Celtics. They’re competitors. In the beginning, things were going alright. I even respected the opponent’s passing skills. But then I started to see the Bucks in a whole knew light.

The officiating was unbelievably bad and the Bucks morphed into a bunch of little Dwayne Wades, flopping all over the place for a call. I haven’t been this mad during a basketball game since the Celtics faced the Heat in the Playoffs. The Celtics should’ve won it by game 5…but that’s a story for another time.

Out of principle the Celtics had to win this game. Screw the officials and the Bucks. This game was about justice! Continue reading


There’s Something Pretty Amazing Going Down at TD Garden

Being a Boston fan, I’ve seen my share of sport’s miracles. I’ve witnessed historic comebacks no one in their right mind would predict. Those teams were never the best on paper, but there was something special about these rare teams that pushed them beyond the boundaries of realistic limitations.

I have a feeling that Boston sport’s fans may witness another miracle team sooner than we think. Continue reading