What are your actions teaching your players? What is the culture within your team? What are you teaching aspiring and future NFL players?

Will you teach them to be great? To be leaders? To work hard? Will you teach them how to take the hit and keep moving forward or will you complain and give excuses… Continue reading

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The Missing Key to “Deflategate”: A Theory

In the wee hours of January 19th, just hours after the AFC Championship game, an Indianapolis beat writer by the name of Bob Kravitz broke the biggest story of his career. This story, which would become known as “deflategate”, set both the sports and mainstream media world into a frenzy.

This, I believe, is the missing key to “deflategate”.

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Someone Got Cheated…and it Wasn’t the Colts

The NFL works for 32 teams. Their job is to ensure the integrity of the game and an equal level playing field for all teams. This means that they must be fair to all 32 teams. None should have a better advantage over the other.

In an ironic twist, that integrity and equal level playing field has come into question…not against the Patriots, but against the NFL. It seems the leaks of false information and a public campaign to smear the Patriots’ legacy before the investigation is complete, didn’t come from low level employees. No, this could be coming straight from NFL leaders and executives who wear the NFL shield. You know, the shield that supposedly represents integrity. Continue reading

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#Deflategaters: The Heroes of Sports Journalism

Integrity. The word has been thrown around a lot the past five days. The irony in all this is that the ones who speak of justice and integrity while throwing stones at the Patriots, are the ones who could probably care less about the integrity of their own profession. Continue reading