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The NFL Tyrants Hiding Behind the Word Integrity

Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed. ~Joseph Stalin, former leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Joseph Stalin knows a thing or two about propaganda and shaping public opinion. Stalin didn’t get into a position of power by telling the masses the truth of his agenda. In fact, he hid behind words such as equality and fairness to the people. He shamed capitalism by telling the people how the rich exploit the poor.

If history has taught us anything, it is to always ask questions of one’s true agenda.

Those in any position of power are scariest when their agenda is not clear. Instead of honesty, these leaders hide behind positive words such as “integrity” to justify their tyranny. Roger Goodell and the front office leaders of the NFL are no exception.

Let’s be realistic. This is football. Roger Goodell and company, thankfully, are not in charge of an entire country of human beings. However, they do have a responsibility to the players, the owners and to the fans within the realm of the NFL. They have the power to shape public opinion, hand down punishments as judge and executioner, and hire their own police force and army to, ummm, conduct “independent” investigations.

These are the actions of tyrants, not someone who is interested in upholding integrity, let alone understand its true meaning.

But I have hope in those who believe in American ideals and principles. Or even those who stand for basic human rights, no matter what country they are from. I believe in people who ask questions and value critical thinking to form their own opinions. I’m beginning to see some fans outside the New England area show support for Tom Brady and the Patriots. And not all believe he is innocent. They believe the NFL had a shady agenda and that the Patriots were the target. See for yourself here and here.

As a Patriots fan, I still remember those very strange, dark days when “deflategate” began.

It started with a simple tweet by a respected NFL analyst who happens to work for ESPN (a network that has a contract with the NFL for billions of dollars.)


The result? Ex quarterbacks were brought to tears. Analysts and reporters rallied against Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft and the Patriots organization. I’ve heard such things as suspending Belichick for a year, if not ban him from the NFL all together. Revoking the AFC title and banning the Patriots from the Super Bowl. Asterisks, asterisks, asterisks. Yes, Brady and Belichick were already being burned at the stake before any proof or even a Wells report two weeks before their most important game of the post season.

The information was false and misleading, and there were numerous other leaks from the investigation even after Wells came on the scene. Leaks that obviously didn’t help the Patriots or their image. The Patriots practically begged Jeff Pash to look into the matter. Apparently this wasn’t important to him or the NFL agenda.

And the infamous cell phone. A phone that Ted Wells made perfectly clear he didn’t want or need. A phone that Brady and lawyers refused to hand over. Why would you when the Patriots lawyers were kept in the dark about the entire investigation? They didn’t even know how much the footballs were off or how they were tested! Even in America the accused has the right to know what it is he is being accused of and the evidence against him so that he can properly defend himself.

How can a commissioner accuse someone of destruction of evidence when it was not going to be used as evidence in the first place? Brett Favre got a whopping $50,000 fine for not turning over his private phone during an investigation. The whole premise of these punishments is beyond astoundingly ridiculous. I am still trying to find something to compare it with that could justify it all.

Steriod use? Anyone who has ever used steroids or PEDs have done the act themselves. There has always been hard evidence and proof. I have yet to see any player penalized for being “generally aware” of steroid use or “more probable than not” that this person used steroids with no hard evidence.

It’s beyond “incomprehensible”.

And this was all due to PSI. PSI in a football that didn’t effect the outcome of the game. A PSI rule that even in the Wells report proved that the NFL’s own officials have broken themselves. If they never cared about PSI before the AFC championship game before, why now?

Roger Goodell will be the first to tell you it isn’t about the crime itself. It is about the principle. It is about the “integrity of the game”.

Yes, because integrity is the first word I think of when the NFL refused to correct false leaks their own employees had made to shape your public opinion before any proof. The Wells report and scientific analysis the NFL purchased is a shinning example of fairness. NFL officials illegally over-inflating game balls thus proving the rule wasn’t a big deal in the past is brimming with equality. Goodell being a witness, judge and executioner is a true example of how justice should be served.


Roger Goodell could learn a thing or two from his father about the meaning of the word integrity. He has become the powerful, political tyrant his father once fought against. Years from now, that will be the legacy Roger Goodell has sown for himself.

As for Brady, he will live on to become one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game…if not the greatest quarterback in NFL history. That, my friend, is Tom Brady’s legacy no matter what agenda the NFL has under Goodell’s leadership.


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