The Day the NFL Lied

A long, long time ago
I can still remember how the games used to make me smile
You knew if Brady had on his gear
That he could make those people cheer
And maybe they’d be happy for a while

But January made me shiver
With every tweet they delivered
A once forgotten spygate
came to life with deflategate

I can’t remember if I cried
When they sold you out about PSI
But something kicked me deep inside
The day the NFL lied

So bye, bye, all American smile
Probable deflation has you walkin’ the mile
There’s only one thing that could be more vile
NFL wanted you to go down
Kensil wanted you to go down

Did you believe in the NFL
Did you fear the hammer of Goodell
Or the integrity they all sell?
Now, do you believe in the football game
Can you hold your head up without shame
Or could it be there’s someone else to blame?

Well, I know that it’s because the Colts
that sparked a plan to make Kensil gloat
He was gonna make you pay
The lies he leaked really made his day

For the fifteen years you’ve been on the field
You’ve been the face to represent the shield
But they wanted to stop the ride
The day Mr. Wells lied

I started screaming, bye, bye, all American smile
Probable deflation has you walkin’ the mile
There’s only one thing that could be more vile
NFL wanted you to go down
Kensil wanted you to go down

Now for all the years Kraft built this name
The Patriots showed how they got game
But the NFL had a plan
When the jester sang across the land
Independence is where he’ll stand
He sold out integrity for a brand

The shield that the officials wore
Was no different than the whore
Who sells her body for profit
I couldn’t take any more shit

You never gave a reason to doubt
That the game is what you’re about
The honor of a true win
Is never where you sin

The fans are screaming bye, bye, all American smile
Probable deflation has you walkin’ the mile
There’s only one thing that could be more vile
NFL wanted you to go down
Kensil wanted you to go down

When all this is said and done
And the NFL had all their fun
The next season will start a new day
I have no doubt you’ll find a way
They’ll see you out there and then they’ll say
Wow, that Brady can really play

In a world of dreams if it was just
Kensil and Grigson would get the bust
Goodell is fired and left to rust
The shield is blown into dust

But reality is so much sadder
NFL pockets have gotten fatter
Because other fans took their side
The day the NFL lied

Soon the haters will be singin’ why, why did the NFL lie
I bought into the story that the Patriots died
If they win a fifth ring I will scream and cry
Just suck it up and then give a sigh
Because Brady is the greatest of all time.

Brady is the greatest of all time.


4 thoughts on “The Day the NFL Lied

  1. Wow Beantowngal. That’s some emotion there. And what a song to base it on. I’m glad that I am not the only person to be taking this seriously and see it for more than just a my-team/your-team hating funfest/rivalry.

    I appreciate your emotion and as my expression, I posted the following comment to one of the recent deflate gate postings. My responses are typically on the longish side cause I can’t seem to incorporate the relevant facts in the less than 40-50 words most responses expect. Anyway this is what I wrote..

    Regardless of which team you root for, can we all agree that the most important thing about football is that we really really enjoy watching it? And that in fact, the NFL has done a wonderful job providing all of us a very entertaining product? And what we are passionate about is that the product that we call “The Shield” is not ruined by thugs, cheats, tyrants or despots?
    I think if we can all agree on these basic issues then we have a lot more in common than we have differences. And our collective goal should be that the quality of the product should be kept free from those whose actions would ruin the game.
    Additionally, we all want a level playing field as well as a means of establishing parity. To that end, when programs such as the draft, salary caps, free agency, trades and others don’t result in parity, time eventually does. Sometimes we just need to be patient. BUT parity cannot be penaltied into place.
    We also want the game to be safe for those involved.
    Most of the time, these are self correcting goals. When not, there are usually methods established to intervene. At times, existing safeguards don’t cut it. Now is one of those times.
    In order to protect the Shield, regardless of what is written in a contract, there are times when the contract must be interpreted by a higher authority. For example, if you are convicted of murder, a higher authority will prevent you from playing football regardless of your skill level or desire. No one will argue that. Similarly when an event occurs or penalty applied that is subject to arbitration, there are rules that may not be in a contract that must be followed. A legally applied arbitration hearing usually ensures this. But the Brady/Patriots penalties applied and the events leading up to them are considered by many to have been unfairly determined. And rather than the entire events being delegated to a neutral arbitrator, the NFL commissioner instead, governed as a despot. That must be stopped. And in this circumstance, the only alternative is to ignore the league established means of arbitration and go immediately to the next higher authority. Although Goodell doesn’t believe such an authority exists, he’s wrong. The NFL CBA does not trump the law of the land. And that’s where this issue will be resolved.
    The court will find in Brady’s favor. And it will find separately in the NFLPA’s favor. And it will find in the Patriots favor. And although the court probably won’t use such a term, it will find Goodell to have acted as a despot. And so he will lose his job.
    All this is good.
    Brady will win a defamation lawsuit that will reward in the hundreds of millions of dollars, because that is the value of the integrity and reputation he has built up by being the best to have played that position ever. And the law doesn’t allow a despot to mess with someone’s integrity just because he wants to. Knowing Brady (and I don’t), I would expect he would give the majority of it to charity. Its not about power or money for him, its about his integrity and the integrity of his craft.

    The NFLPA will be able to have the arbitration clauses contained in the CBA, interpreted in the language that was understood prior to Goodell’s loopholes.

    Kraft will be able to negotiate an informal settlement with his 31 partners once the basis for the penalty is thrown out.

    The NFL will be able to get rid of Goodell without any resistance on his part.

    We will all benefit because the shield of the Shield will have been rebuilt.

    The players will benefit because the new commissioner will focus attention on the far more critical issue of player safety than Goodell was paying lipservice to.
    I think those are all good things. They could have all been avoided had Goodell simply learned the lesson his father taught him. But he didn’t want to learn that lesson. He chose instead to win at any cost. And it will cost him his reputation and his job.


  2. Mom says:

    Once again so proud of you, you have a great understanding of the events and have no problem calling out those who are in the wrong even if the majority of people follow the media like sheep, right or wrong. More people need to do their own research and come to their own conclusions instead of jumping on the hype wagon!
    I love you,


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