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No Matter How Hard You Try, You Will Never Destroy the Legacy of Tom Brady and the Patriots

Tom Brady isn’t finished, not by a long shot. By the time he’s done, there will be at least a fifth undisputed ring on his finger.

There will be no win he wants more than this one. He knows he doesn’t have another 10 years to get it. He’ll do everything in his power to make that happen, and he will become, without question, the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.

Enjoy the battle you have won. It won’t last. You haven’t won the war.

Deep down you know it’s true, and that’s what scares you. You’re reminded that even though the NFL pumped up Brady’s footballs to 13 PSI halfway through the AFC championship game, the Patriots destroyed the Colts in a 45-7 blowout. You know Brady came back in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, playing better than he had in years…with NFL regulation balls. This is the truth you deny and don’t want to face.

Brady isn’t done. He’s going to fire back in the best way he knows how…on the field.

Robert Kraft will still be the most powerful owner in the NFL until the day he no longer breathes life on this earth. Anyone who has seen and understands The Godfather will know what Kraft has done in accepting his punishment. Kraft is not a billionaire with his tail between his legs, no, he knows what is best for the organization in the grand scheme of it all. Who knows what he has planned in the future. He didn’t get where he is today by being a stubborn hothead determined to win one battle. Kraft wants to win the war after all this is said and done. Patriots fans, sure as hell should trust his judgement on this.

Bill Belicheck will come out of this just fine. He’ll be remembered as one of the greatest NFL coaches who ever lived. Talk about a team. There is no quarterback/coach combo who has ever won four Super Bowls together….but just wait until they win their fifth. Patriots fans will get their moment and will bask in every moment of it’s glory. They have more then enough stories to pass on to their children and grandchildren.

Those who are asking for fate and justice to do “the right thing” should ask yourselves…maybe fate is doing the right thing after all. Maybe Brady has more heart and puts in more hard work than you give him credit for. Maybe Belicheck has worked longer hours and studied the rule book in and out to become the brunt of jealousy of those who can’t match him.

Trust me. “Spygate” and “delfategate” will become mere blips on a radar, only mentioned once in a while by select media, ex-players and other NFL fans who want to cling to any reason and excuse to defile what Robert Kraft, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the Patriots have accomplished. They don’t want to believe it was done with hard work, determination, talent, a united team and lots of heart. The non-Patriot fans want to believe their team could’ve been better if given a “fair” chance. The ex-players want recognition for the feats they have accomplished and yet couldn’t match those of the Patriots. The select media doesn’t have the courage to admit history is in the making. They are concerned with the battles, the scoops and the stories that will give them support and ratings. They could care less about the ultimate war.

No matter how much you block your ears or cover your eyes, or talk until you’re blue in the face, the truth will reveal itself when the fragile shield of “delfatgate” meets it’s ultimate demise…

The truth is, Brady has already won the war the moment he hoisted his 4th Lombardy trophy in the air. The fifth will be no more than an extended middle finger to you, the haters, who questioned his character, talent, and love for the game.


3 thoughts on “No Matter How Hard You Try, You Will Never Destroy the Legacy of Tom Brady and the Patriots

  1. Dominic Latchu says:

    Uh, I love you? Have you noticed that NFL Network has been airing a lot of “Pro-Patriots” propaganda in recent days? The whole thing is disgusting and makes me want to protest the NFL. Almost as corrupt as FIFA, only soccer teams normally stand together against FIFA, not look to them to disarm their greatest rivals. Funny how Irsay’s crime was much worse than this “deflation speculation” but his organization didn’t suffer at all.

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  2. Dominic Latchu says:

    I also found it quite coincidental that the Wells Report was released just shortly enough after the draft but before any meaningful dates in the NFL year aka what would normally be down time. It’s a shameless PR game all at the expense of the Patriots honor.


    • The shameless PR by the NFL started the night of the AFC championship game when the leaks first started. They poured gas on the fire and let the media burn the Patriots at the stake. I don’t trust the NFL by a long shot.


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