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Brady Will Fight Back and He Has the Ammunition to Do It

So far, this whole “deflategate” turned “framegate” scandal has been every thing I expected it to be and more. This is the closest thing to a sports soap opera as you can get. It really can’t get any better than this.

As a Patriots fan, you get used to the us vs. them mentality, but as David Ortiz so eloquently put it, the NFL “bleeped up on that one”. Not only did they issue a ridiculous punishment for under inflated footballs, they lost credibility. Many who actually believed Brady was guilty now stand on his side. This is too much. The NFL went too far.

What this does is shine a spotlight on the NFL. Brady has responded via his agent. Kraft has responded. One thing is clear, Brady has their full support.

It’s time to take the focus off of what Wells wanted you to believe and really dig into the pages of the 243 page report. Pages that enlighten the reader that it is more probable than not, that the NFL failed to uphold the integrity of the game. Pages that reveal a possible sting and a set up. Pages and footnotes that reveal the many holes the investigation has failed to explain.

Just a day ago I wrote a post highlighting and explaining many of those holes (although there are more I didn’t address). Brady has a lot of ammunition to fight back and he has the money, power and resources to do so. It’s a rather long post that I desperately tried to shorten, but what can I say? There’s a lot of questions, points and holes that back up Don Yee’s claims that “this outcome was pre-determined; there was no fairness in the Wells investigation whatsoever.” Nor was there fairness in how the NFL handled the situation before, during and after the AFC championship game.

You can read my previous post detailing the ammunition Brady can fight back with here.

You can read Don Yee’s entertaining and full statement here.

Interested to read Robert Kraft’s statement? You can read that here.

If entertainment is what you crave, then you will get your fill in the weeks, and possibly even months to come.

Mark my words, if the NFL and Brady duke it out, Brady will win in the end. He may not win in court (if he takes it that far), but he will win public opinion. I know that seems like a ridiculous statement considering how much people hate the Patriots.

But it will happen.

The NFL is like the principle of the school. I may not like another student, but if I see the principle bullying a student, you can bet your ass I will side with the student before ever siding with the principal. Anyone who has seen and understood The Breakfast Club will know exactly what I’m talking about. This is not Brady vs. another team. This is Brady vs. the NFL. An NFL who is skating very fine lines of support from the public to begin with.

Remember you read this.

If Brady and company decide to go all the way with this, public opinion will change…at least where Goodell and the NFL are concerned.

And I will enjoy every moment of it.

#FreeTomBrady #DefendTheWall


2 thoughts on “Brady Will Fight Back and He Has the Ammunition to Do It

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  2. After Reading This Article And Others I have Become Very Active In Regard To Spreading The Word On Facebook This Is My Experience With A Post I Entered On Facebook Today Aug 5 2015 And Comments From A Reader Of This Post, Thank you, Willie Jackson **************************************************************************************



    Marie Clark Look at that..what a surprise…ESPN blocked you from using it. Looks like our friends have heard from their Comcast partners…lol..first amendment…right….
    59 mins · Unlike · 1

    Willie Jackson Marie Clark please explain ( Look at that..what a surprise…ESPN blocked you from using it. Looks like our friends have heard from their Comcast partners…lol..first amendment…right…) Thanks W.J.
    55 mins · Unlike · 1

    Marie Clark When your post popped up on my news feed only the first few lines showed up then the box about content unavailable because person may not have permission to use it. Coming directly from you I see the whole post..and no, there wasn’t a “continue reading”. Does that help?
    43 mins · Like

    Willie Jackson Yes, I am being SENSORED in some way and my message is not getting out, Correct ? Is this to the general public receiving the news feed? Please explain what you are referring to by News Feed, I am sorry but I do not know what a news feed is? Thank you w.j.
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    Marie Clark Your news feed are your list of posts that you allow on your FB. I was surprised because I believe it came through our closed group directly from you and not an outside share post.
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    Marie Clark I have been.sensored also by 247sports for making a comment they didn’t agree with.
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    Willie Jackson Is there a way to tell who is sensoring this? Facebook, Comcast, espn, ( If it is facebook is it just people in this group)?
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    Marie Clark Good question. My guess is paid advertisers on FB would have a business contract that may include such language. Not tech savvy enough so that’s my best guess.
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    Willie Jackson Thank You For Your Insight And Help. wj
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    Marie Clark are doing a great job!
    THE MESSAGE AS Follows

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    Hours before the N.F.L. season began Thursday, ESPN demonstrated what “Monday Night Football” means to the cable empire by renewing it for $15.2 billion through 2021, according to a person briefed on the details.
    By First Running Wild With Chris Mortenson’s ( Non Vetted Story ), Coloring The Whole Story Of How Many Footballs And To What Degree Of P.S.I. They Were Improperly REPORTED To Have Been Under Inflated.
    Then By Feeding Stephen A ( The HEADLINE THAT E.S.P.N. RAN NON STOP ) BRADY DESTROYS HIS OWN PHONE. Once Again Coloring The Perception Of Events Without Vetting The Information Properly.
    Skip Bayless Destroys Roger Goodell and the NFL and Accuses Chris Mortensen of Being Used, Mike Kensil reportedly gave false PSI information to Chris Mortensen
    Stephen A. Smith Doesn’t Seem To Realize He Was Used By The Nfl
    How About Letting E.S.P.N. Know What The Good Folks Of New England ThinK About This Matter, Boycott, Picketing, Open To Suggestions.
    1-888-549-3776 (ESPN)
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