Believe in the Green

On March 1st I was officially on the Celtics train with my post There’s Something Pretty Amazing Going Down at TD Garden. I believed. I had nothing really to back it up, except for a great small run by the C’s and a gut feeling. Turns out that gut feeling came true.

The Celtics are in the playoffs.

If you’re wanting some statistical analysis about what they should do or should’ve done. You won’t find that here. That’s not why I love sports, nor is it the reason I stand behind this team.

You can call me a homer. I don’t care. Mike Gorman had it right when he tweeted on March 14th:

mike gorman tweet

Once in a great while, a team comes around to challenge the status quo. These teams are rare, and they are, just as Gorman said, special. They have no business doing what they do and they blow the minds of sports analysts everywhere. They achieve the impossible. Some call it a fluke. Some call it a sport’s miracle. I go with the latter.

Gorman also made a bold prediction that even our own local homers find hard to believe: this new Celtics team will beat the Cavs in 6 games. This isn’t a prediction by some hack. Gorman is well respected and knows his basketball.

You can watch that video here.

His prediction, like this Celtics team, is rare. You will have to really dig to find a professional like Gorman who favors the Celtics to even win this series against “King James” and the Cavs…nevermind to do it in six.

But I’ve noticed something else happening among basketball fans. You don’t have to be a Celtics fan to believe…or at least want to believe.

This Celtics team has no stars. Not one. Yet they play with so much hustle, heart and grit, you can’t help but get sucked in. It’s more than refreshing. It’s inspiring.

I stand behind them because of their work ethic, their team spirit, and love for the game. It shows every night they’re on the court. Once they clinched the 7th seed, they could’ve lost their next two on purpose and try for the 8th seed to face the Hawks. Statistically, the Hawks were a better match up. But this team doesn’t fold. They kept playing with everything they had and let fate take them where it may.

This Celtics team has no fear. They are “ready to go to war” with anyone they face.

And for this Celtics fan, they will get a standing ovation no matter what the scoreboard reads at the end of each game. I believe and know they will give it everything they got.

#Respect #BleedGreen #Believe




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