I Almost Gave Up…Almost

Friday, April 3rd, the Celtics faced the Milwaukee Bucks. I was ready for this game. Going in I knew it would be tough, but I believed in the Celtics. They’re competitors. In the beginning, things were going alright. I even respected the opponent’s passing skills. But then I started to see the Bucks in a whole knew light.

The officiating was unbelievably bad and the Bucks morphed into a bunch of little Dwayne Wades, flopping all over the place for a call. I haven’t been this mad during a basketball game since the Celtics faced the Heat in the Playoffs. The Celtics should’ve won it by game 5…but that’s a story for another time.

Out of principle the Celtics had to win this game. Screw the officials and the Bucks. This game was about justice!

And they lost it.

I couldn’t even watch the end of the game. I listened from the other room, but I couldn’t watch. My sport’s heart was breaking.

But why? Do I really expect the Celtics to go all the way? No, I don’t. I didn’t expect them to go all the way before the game even started. All I wanted was at least one round, pushed to a game 5. Even if they lost it, I would stand on my feet and give this Celtics team a standing O.

I realized after that loss, how much my heart is invested in this Celtics team…just as they are. Every. Single. Player.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit a part of me dreams much bigger for them in the playoffs. As if they’re writing history in the moment, and maybe one day a miracle sport’s movie would be made about the 2015 Celtics. A big dream, I know and I certainly couldn’t ask that of them.

But you have to wonder why TD Garden screams and cheers for a team with no star players and in the midst of rebuilding. Seriously, the Garden sound like playoff basketball. These underdogs never give up and keep fighting no matter what the scoreboard reads. How can you not cheer for that? How can you not have hope when they make those amazing plays and wins that no one expects of them?

As heavy as my heart was on April 4th, I still watched their next game facing the Raptors. It wasn’t just a win. It was an amazing win that helped me to believe in miracles again.

It’s a tough playoff race, and with two games facing the Cavs…well, anything can happen.

But I’m not giving up on them. And if they keep playing with the same determination, heart and grit that they are known for. I will still rise and cheer for them no matter what happens.

They deserve it.

#Believe #BleedGreen #LetsGoCeltics






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