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Suck It Up New England, We’re Movin’ On Without Revis

Hey Boston Media and Pats fans who still are crying over Darelle Revis, please, for the love of all that is holy in Boston Sports, move on!

Can I put things into perspective for ya? For the past 15 years, we’ve had the same coach and quarterback combo who has given us six Conference Championships and four Super Bowl Wins. What team in the history of the NFL has done that? This Brady and Belichick era will forever be cemented as one of…if not THE best…runs by a coach and quarterback in NFL history.

Seriously, what are you whining about? Do you realize what we look like? I’ll tell you, a bunch of rich, spoiled brats who have everything and didn’t get their way this time.

And to make it worse, you’re crying over a Jet!

Darelle Revis, although an amazing cornerback, was born a Jet the day they drafted him. His heart is and has always been with the Jets. Here, Revis is treated no differently than any other player. Isn’t that the ‘Patriot Way’? Isn’t that the way Belichick has run things since he started coaching in New England?

In New York and in the eyes of Jets fan, Revis is a football god. He’s going to help Woody Johnson sell lots of sports memorabilia, tickets, and #24 jerseys. I’m sure if he’s late for practice one day, he won’t have to go to his coach with his tail between his legs and apologize to the staff and the team. He has the coveted ring and now he’s going to play where he can bask in the sunshine of where he’s loved and adored.

Good for you, Revis. Enjoy yourself.

Now to address the common whiner lines…

But Revis could have given us our fifth Super Bowl win! Brady doesn’t have much time left and they just gave him away! They should’ve given him whatever he wanted, we NEED him to win. Revis is the reason we won the Super Bowl! Without Revis our defense sucks! Whaaaaaaaahhhh!

When in the history of Belichick has he ever given a player a blank check? For 15 years, Belichick has built what is deemed as the ‘Patriot Way’. It’s about a team, not stars. Do you think Marshawn Lynch would be able to act like he did on media day if he were a Patriot? Do you think Lynch would’ve laughed in Belichick’s face for not letting him run the ball at the end of the Super Bowl?

How do you think all those other important players on the Patriots’ team would feel if Belichick had broken the Patriot Way for one player who has been with them for one season? “Sure, Revis, take whatever you want! Screw everyone else who has worked hard, taken less and negotiated because they wanted to be a part of a team that is a living legend.”

Have you ever thought that maybe that kind of action might hurt the chemistry of the team and would perhaps break the trust and respect of a system that Belichick has cemented during his time with the Patriots? A system, which by the way, has given us six Conference Championships and four Super Bowl wins?

Don’t underestimate the power of a team and their chemistry. No one expected the Pats to win in 2001, but they did. And they did it without amazing shinning stars like Revis who were expected to win. Look at the 2013 Red Sox. Who in their right mind put their money on the Red Sox to be World Series Champions heading into the playoffs? But they had that chemistry and used it to their advantage. As Isaiah Thomas from the Celtics has recently said in response to their surprising and unexpected playoff push, “We don’t just just play with each other, we play for each other.”

I thank Revis for his contribution for our fourth win, but he’s not the ONLY reason the Patriots won a Super Bowl. There’s some other factors…oh, let me see, like, the coaching staff, Belichick (who is one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time), Brady (who is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time), Gronk, Edleman, Amendola, McCourty, Wilfork, Butler, Browner….I mean, I could go on and on about a TEAM that has contributed throughout the entire season and throughout the playoffs to get them to the Super Bowl and win it.

If Revis was the only reason a team wins a Super Bowl, then he wouldn’t have needed to come here to do it. People are acting like he saved a dying team from ruin. Come on now, please give respect on both sides of the table here. There are many teams who would love to be in our shoes…even without Revis.

Can we all get over it now and stop acting like spoiled brats? Can I listen to sports radio in Boston without hearing the R-word over and over again? Can we focus on what Bill may pull out of his sleeve next and surprise us yet again…and all without tarnishing the Patriot Way?

How I see Bill Belichick respond to those who whine about Revis

How I would respond if I were Belichick

Thanks for helping out with our Super Bowl win, Revis, but as a Patriots fan, I’ve moved on just like you have. No tears here. I’ll take my chances with a Patriots team and coach who has proven whiners wrong time and again. Not because I’m a “homer”, but because the six Super Bowl appearances and four Super Bowl wins with the same coach/GM and quarterback speaks for itself.


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