There’s Something Pretty Amazing Going Down at TD Garden

Being a Boston fan, I’ve seen my share of sport’s miracles. I’ve witnessed historic comebacks no one in their right mind would predict. Those teams were never the best on paper, but there was something special about these rare teams that pushed them beyond the boundaries of realistic limitations.

I have a feeling that Boston sport’s fans may witness another miracle team sooner than we think.

Call it a gut feeling, but I’ve felt it before. I felt it when Dave Roberts stole second base in the 2004 ALCS against the Yankees. We were down 4-3 in the ninth. It was only game four, but it was win or go home. The events that followed after Roberts’ steal ended with Big Papi hitting a home run to win the game. Fenway erupted like it was a game seven win. The Red Sox still had to win three more games and it has never been done in the history of MLB.

But we believed…or hoped…that history would be made. And it was.

If you’re not watching the Celtics right now, then start watching, because you may miss something pretty amazing. Another sport’s miracle? Seems unrealistic, but as a Boston fan, I know to “never say never”.

Before the All Star game, anyone who mentioned the Celtics as playoff contenders would’ve been laughed out of the room. But after winning 7 of their last 10 games and beating the Hawks who have the best record in the NBA, well, the Celtics are no longer a playoff joke. Making a playoff spot could happen.

In Marc D’Amico’s article Trio of Reserves Making Playoff Push Possible, he mentions three new key players that have energized this Celtics team in a way most didn’t think was possible:

“Crowder, Thomas and Jerebko arguably have been the lynchpins to Boston’s recent resurgence. They have combined to average 49.3 points per game over the last three wins. To put that into perspective, there is no bench in the entire NBA that averages more than 41.4 points per game this season. That’s each team’s entire bench. We’re talking about a group consisting of just three of Boston’s reserves.”

In their last game against the Hornets, who are also battling for the remaining two playoff spots, the Celtics were down 16 points, but the Celtics fought, kept up their energy, team work and creative plays to come back with a 106-98 win. TD Garden were on their feet through most of the 4th quarter. Fans cheered like it was a playoff game because the Celtics played like it was a win or go home game.

It was pretty amazing.

In just over two hours, the Celtics will face the Warriors at 6pm. The Warriors have the best record in the very competitive Western Conference. Two or three weeks ago I wouldn’t have put my money on the Celtics to win this game, but now I’m not so sure.

For this new Celtics’ team, a win tonight is definitely possible.

A playoff spot is possible for the Celtics. From there, who knows. But you can bet I’ll watch every game until it’s done. There’s no way I’m missing out on the chance to experience an amazing run by a gritty, energized and very unexpected Boston Celtics.

Teams like this are the reason I love sports…even without any come from behind miracles. But man, the way they are playing now, they deserve it.


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