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Someone Got Cheated…and it Wasn’t the Colts

The NFL works for 32 teams. Their job is to ensure the integrity of the game and an equal level playing field for all teams. This means that they must be fair to all 32 teams. None should have a better advantage over the other.

In an ironic twist, that integrity and equal level playing field has come into question…not against the Patriots, but against the NFL. It seems the leaks of false information and a public campaign to smear the Patriots’ legacy before the investigation is complete, didn’t come from low level employees. No, this could be coming straight from NFL leaders and executives who wear the NFL shield. You know, the shield that supposedly represents integrity.

You can read this investigative report by Tom E. Curran here.

Yesterday, the Colts GM, Ryan Grigson, admitted that he did in fact tip off the NFL for suspicion of the Patriots deflating footballs. He did this earlier in the week before the AFC game. Why does this matter? Because it contradicts the official’s report that “deflategate” was not a sting operation to catch the Patriots red handed.

But if Grigson is being honest, what else could you call it?

tom original


They set up a trap…based off allegations of another team. But some think that this whole set up may have been fair…

diesak dad1


Deisel’s Dad and I had a little back and forth…


To be fair to Diesel’s Dad, it is difficult to get across all this entails in a few tweets. He was making a point, and so was I. But let me focus in on the point Diesel’s Dad was trying to make, and reply to that alone before getting into the larger scheme of all that is going on.

Last year, Fox cameras caught Minnesota Vikings sideline attendants heating footballs on a cold night. No investigation needed. They were caught on camera. Did they fine the Vikings? Take away draft picks? No. Instead Blandino issued a warning and was quoted in an article from ESPN:

“You can’t do anything with the footballs in terms of any artificial, whether you’re heating them up, whether it’s a regular game ball or kicking ball, you can’t do anything to the football,” Blandino said. “So that was noticed during the game, both teams were made aware of it during the game and we will certainly remind the clubs as we get into more cold weather games that you can’t do anything with the football in terms of heating them up with those sideline heaters.”

You can read that article here.

Patriots balls were found to be under-inflated, but there was no proof that anyone tampered with the balls. Grigson alerted the NFL, but instead of the warning the Vikings got, the Patriots get a sting operation. To make matters worse, the investigation wasn’t even private. Before the Patriots had a fair investigation, leaks…that may have come from high level NFL executives…set off a witch hunt of accusations and demands of firings, revoking Super Bowl spot, and putting asterisks next to all their wins two weeks before they play the biggest game of their careers.

All this over delflated footballs that didn’t give the Patriots a competitive edge, whatsoever.

These NFL executives who are entrusted with the responsibility to represent the “integrity” of the game and all 32 teams, equally, have failed.

Your point of cops calling drug dealers to warn them that they will be watched is invalid. First of all, deflated balls isn’t in the same category or degree of a crime such as drug dealing. Just ask the Minnesota Vikings.  But let’s just take your analogy to the point you’re making. Cops would need proof that you are indeed a drug dealer to set up a sting operation to catch you red handed. The point of a sting operation, is to gather enough proof beyond a reasonable doubt that could sentence a drug dealer in a court of law.

If cops set up a sting based on allegations and suspicions of your neighbor, then the operation would be laughed out of court. Which is basically what happened. The NFL took the side of the Colts, without proof and without giving the accused team a chance to defend themselves.

The NFL’s only hope was that the Patriots were indeed the criminals the Colts’ GM has accused them of being.

Instead of finding proof of the Patriots cheating, we are finding that perhaps the NFL is not filled with the integrity and fairness they publicly take pride in.

No, instead we find out that one of their own officials stole a ball meant for charity for his own personal profit…a man who heads the auctions for the NFL. We find that before a fair investigation is concluded, high level NFL executives may be behind the source leaks that have smeared the Patriots’ name during the “deflategate” scandal. We find that the NFL will take the word of another team (without any proof) before giving the accused team a fair rebuttal on the accusation.

Two teams the NFL is supposed to equally represent.

Someone got cheated in this whole scandal…and it wasn’t the Colts.


2 thoughts on “Someone Got Cheated…and it Wasn’t the Colts

  1. Michelle says:

    All of this keeps going back to the same guy who hates the Patriots. It is a well known fact this guy has said many times he was going to get back at them. He is the former executive of the NY Jets and now the VP of the NFL. Mike Kensil

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  2. Trust me, I know all about Mike Kensil and where he used to work. I know all about Grigson and where he used to work. i know all about Kelly Naqi’s husband and who he has ties with and where he currently works.


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