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My Response to Bob Kravitz’s Apology and to the Rest of the Deflategaters

Bob Kravitz, is among the first of those who attacked the Patriots with “deflategate” to come out and publicly apologize…not for breaking the story (which he certainly has the right to do), but for failing to make it clear that his opinions about Kraft, Belichick and Brady held ground only “IF” they were found guilty.

I am a professional communicator, and as a professional communicator, I failed miserably there. I’m not one who blames the reader for a misunderstanding; it’s incumbent upon me, as a writer or broadcaster, to use my words wisely, whether in a column or a tweet. I have to wear that one. I own that one.

But that wasn’t his apology. This was his apology.

I would never call for Aaron Hernandez to get a life sentence before he got his day in court, and I did not mean to suggest that Belichick and the Patriots should be penalized before an investigation was complete. But that’s the way it came out, and for that, I apologize.

Yes, you read that correctly. Kravitz is comparing the rights of the Patriots’ deflated football investigation with the rights of a man on trial for murder. In a strange way, his comparison mirrors the vicious attacks on Brady, Belichick, Kraft, and the image of the Patriots organization as a whole…not for wife beating. Or bounties on players. Or even murder. No, these attacks that lasted almost two weeks were for deflated footballs.

Yes, Belichick, Brady and Kraft had their heads on a media stick for deflated-freaking-footballs.

Footballs that didn’t even make a difference in the game. The same game where Brady played even better with regulation footballs.

You can read that article here.

As I sit here in utter disbelief after reading Mr. Kravitz’s article, only one question lingers in my mind. This question is for Bob Kravitz, Michael Rosenberg, and the many others who chose to tie Brady and Belichick at the stake before the facts and results of the investigation are concluded. This question is for ex NFL players like Jerry Rice who chose to throw in a match or two.

Why does the integrity of the NFL and the integrity of the game only matter to you most when it comes to the Patriots?

I’m being very serious, and not because I’m a Patriots fan, but because I feel the word integrity deserves better.

Do you all seriously believe that Tom Brady doesn’t work hard? Do you think he doesn’t study and plan and keep his body in the best condition possible? Do you think he lacks heart? What about the rest of the team? Do you think they are a joke? Do you really believe that everything they strive for is meaningless because of deflated footballs?

I’ve read comments in a previous post of how Patriots fans from other states were being attacked.  I read a story about a young boy in Florida who wore his Tom Brady jersey to school only to be harassed and bullied to the point of tears.

“Deflategate” was on the Today show for crying out loud. Bill Nye the Science Guy was put on the air to give his opinion on the matter.


The “greatest football player of all time” publicly admits he cheated by using the banned substance, Stickum, in his career with Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers. Where is the firestorm of media talking about asterisks and the integrity of the NFL? And this was the same man who publicly called out the Patriots for cheating and their lack of integrity.

On January 29th, 2015, Hugh Millen reveals that a coach…who has two Super Bowl wins…illegally installed custom made speakers into the helmets of offensive linemen so they could get instructions. They did this at every game, and supposedly, even in the Super Bowl.

Where was the media’s stance on integrity then?

I could go on and on about all the ways that many teams, coaches and players have bent or broke the rules in the NFL.

But when it’s the Patriots, suddenly it means something more. Suddenly, you all care about the integrity of the game.

If you really do care about integrity, then come down hard and demand the same for all throughout the NFL. Using one as a poster child because they win, does not define integrity.

And if anyone mentions to me that “spygate” is the reason the Patriots don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt or that their past Super Bowl wins are tainted, I will respond just as Jerry Rice…the greatest football player of all time who played for one of the greatest quarter backs of all time…responded in his use of the banned substance, Stickum:

Everyone was doing it. #equalplayingfield.

You don’t say anything about Jerry Rice’s integrity nor do you strip him of his title. Why? Because you know damn well that Stickum was not the reason Jerry Rice was the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game.

The Patriots have four Super Bowl titles for three reasons:

  1. Bill Belichick is the greatest NFL coach of his time…and, arguably, one of the greatest of all time.
  2. Tom Brady is one of the best quarter backs of all time.
  3. Every staff member and player who played a role in those four Super Bowl wins were a part of a Patriots team who prepared, worked hard and had more heart than any of you give them credit for.



11 thoughts on “My Response to Bob Kravitz’s Apology and to the Rest of the Deflategaters

  1. john mitchell says:

    Thank you. In addition to all you wrote, I would add that the NFL was complicit in all this Patriot bashing. They have no crisis communication plans or skills. How hard would it have been to simply – Day 1/on the Monday following the game – indicate that the ref did not actually check the PSI in each football, that his standard operating procedure was to give them a squeeze and that he was comfortable with all of them. Then, at halftime, alerted that they might be low, he simply brought them up to 12.5 psi. You know – nothing to see here – standard operating procedure. I think the NFL is like the WWF — they need a black hat to drum up attention, the hell with reputations.

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  2. Pat in Agawam says:

    You killed it. Great job! People, no matter how much of the truth becomes exposed, will choose to remain ignorant. Case in point is the Jerry Rice “stick-um” B.S.
    Of course, you’ll never hear an outcry about that. The 49ers were not vilified the way the Patriots are. How does an quote/unquote under inflated football become sensationalized, and a beaten spouse and an owner driving drugged up doesn’t? Agendas.
    Thank you beantowngal. Thanks for making sense, and for having sense. Sadly, the general, mob mentality public does not. -PB

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  3. Lynne says:

    All good points, and the same points that ALL Patriots fans with knowledge of football history have been TRYING to get across to all haters on all posts across the internet. I have come to the conclusion that it does not matter IF the accusation is true…the jealous people WANT it to be true, so it WILL be true to them, even in spite of evidence to the contrary. When you come upon ignorance to that degree, people who argue against facts, you cannot win that argument. The jealous people don’t want the truth. They don’t REALLY care about integrity. They just want the Patriots to lose. Arguing with them is futile, it’s like trying to reason with someone who is insane – they are NEVER going to get it. The TRUTH is, the Patriots win…and they win A LOT. And people are sick and tired of us winning..A LOT. They want to see someone else win. That is something we get. That is something we can understand. If only they had enough INTEGRITY to admit that the Patriots WINNING was the REAL problem. But instead, they allegedly resorted to some real low life behavior. Harbaugh, who was outcoached by Belichick, and publicly schooled by Brady, allegedly conspired with the Colts and the Colts fell for it hook line, and sinker and the Ravens were allegedly successful in getting the Colts to do their dirty work for them and make the “supposed” accusation of deflated footballs. And the NFL…well they were a part of it too. I propose that the NFL knows the fans want someone else to win, and so the NFL (for ratings and for money) allegedly leaked just enough damaging information to the media, knowing full well the media would have not integrity and just run with it and all the jealous people would buy into it without a shred of proof. Ravens, Colts, NFL, the media, and analysts were all allegedly trying to blemish the Patriots name. They also allegedly had hopes of breaking down the Patriots to deter them from winning the Super Bowl. BUT..they severely UNDERestimated the Patriots determination and resolve. And they UNDERestimated their fan base as well. Both the Patriots and the fans came back with a vengeance, standing up and defending their innocence and we TOOK what was rightfully ours…our claim of innocence AND the Super Bowl win. Apologies are owed to the Patriots and to their fans by every so called journalist and every so called analyst who ever made any slanderous remarks and judged the Patriots guilty of deflating footballs before a shred of evidence was ever announced (Mark Brunell, Kravitz, Jerry Rice, etc etc etc). And apologies are owed to Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft and every Patriots player for being called liars, cheaters, you name it. But, we know we won’t get those apologies. Because they WANT us to be guilty. They WANT to believe the lies. They WANT us to fail. They WANT us to lose. So the best response we can have as a team, and as a fan base, is to KEEP WINNING and KEEP DEFENDING the Patriots in every game, in every article, in every post, and in every conversation. Because no matter WHO likes it or WHO doesn’t, the Patriots are going to do what the Patriots always do….IGNORE THE NOISE and win games!!!

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    • I doubt it. He’s got a whole bunch of Pats fans on his tail…which is why he attempted a sorry excuse of a ‘mea culpa’ to begin with. It definitely didn’t “call off the dogs”. Oh the tangled webs we weave.

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