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Open Reply to That Seahawks Fan, From a Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics (and I have the guts to admit, a bandwagon Revolution) Fan

This is in reply to Amanda’s letter. If you have not read this letter on how disappointed she was with the way the Patriots handled themselves during the parade, read it here.

To Amanda and other Seahawk Fans Who Agree With Her Sentiment:

On the night of the Super Bowl, there were over 111 million viewers…the most watched TV show in all of television history. We can be sure that almost every Seahawk fan and every Patriot fan were glued to their TV.

You were excited at the prospect of getting your second consecutive win. Pete Carroll had something to prove being once fired from the New England Patriots and found his way back into the NFL, and proved with a Super Bowl win that he was a worthy coach and competitor.

I can assure you that as a Boston fan, I rooted for the Seahawks to win against Tom Brady’s rival, Peyton Manning. That blowout was amazing, and as a football fan, I had respect for the best defensive team in the league, and a nontraditional quarterback who is one of the few changing the QB role in the NFL.

With that being said, I can assure you that we had no ill will towards the Seahawks. The Patriots respected them, and to your credit, we fans were a little scared to face them. We knew it would be a tough game.

The whole Revis vs. Sherman thing didn’t really get under our skin. We may not like the way Sherman runs his mouth, but we’ve had our own stars to deal with and could just say “that’s Sherman being Sherman.” Just as long as he puts his money where his mouth is, he can get away with it.

In the city of Boston we’ve seen our share of parades, and even when we beat the Yankees, we didn’t dig on them. In fact many of us show respect to the greats like Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter. A worthy rival makes for great sports moments.

But this year, was different and I’ll tell you why.

Picture if you will, a Patriots fan on the night of the AFC championship game. It wasn’t just a win, it was a historic blowout. This meant we were going to the Super Bowl. It meant Brady and Bellichick could get their fourth win. Something that would cement this Patriots dynasty next to football legends like Joe Montana and the San Fransico 49ers.

I cannot tell you the excitement I felt that night, and how much I looked forward to listening to sports radio and watching highlights and all the media making their predictions and analysis going up against the best defense in the league. The Seahawks also had an amazing NFC comeback, and I knew this match up would be a nail biter.

Instead of basking in the afterglow of our AFC win, we were slammed with what would become known as “deflategate”.

I don’t know how long you’ve been a Seattle Seahawks fan or what that means in your area, but I’m pretty sure you don’t understand what it means to be a Boston or New England fan in general. It’s a tough city to play for and our local media never lets a team get away with anything. Neither do the fans. Passionate would be an understatement to describe Boston fans. We’re down right brutal, but we also are some of the most loyal and most hardcore fans you’ll ever meet.

Many sports journalists were very quick to attack the Patriots. People around the country took people like Rosenberg, Kravitz and Mortensen at their word. They called us cheaters and that the Patriots didn’t deserve to go to the Super Bowl. As if everything they worked so hard to achieve was meaningless.

Belichick and Brady stood their ground. Kraft supported his guys, and so did the fans. It was truly us against them. I even remember Sherman making his little digs during media day, but even that didn’t bother me very much. We’re used to the hate and we’ve got a tough skin.

In our minds, and in the minds of all those players, The Patriots had to win this Super Bowl. Why you may ask? Well, to quote Brady “This game is about honor. It’s about respect.” Since their poor start in the beginning, people like Dilfer were saying that Brady was old and “let’s face it, the Patriots just aren’t good any more.” Then we have the witch hunt and attack that is “deflategate”, which turns out was filled with a bunch of hot air. I even read a story of a young boy in Florida who wore his Patriots jersey and was bullied to the point of being in tears.

They. Hate. Us.

Now that you have some sort of understanding of what this game meant to the Patriots and their fans, I will point out one significant moment. It was the end of the third quarter and Wilson sent a touchdown into the end zone. That meant a devastating 10 point deficit for us this late in the game. Our hearts sunk. Every Patriot fan watching and praying for a miracle, and what do we see? Sherman looking straight into the camera in front of 111 million plus viewers and taunting us. 24 with the hand gestures and saying touchdown. Revis is number 24, and he happened to be covering that player. Sherman’s rival corner back. Rubbing salt into a wound of fans that were already feeling the sting.

You gave the excuse that he was caught up in the heat of the moment, but I didn’t notice any Patriot player taunting your team or another player to the camera in front of 111 million plus viewers. In fact, I saw nothing but the class Belichick would expect his players to show after the game, and even during. When Brady had that amazing comeback in the 4th quarter to take the lead, I don’t recall any Patriots player taunting you Seahawks fans in the camera. Yet when the Seahawks knew they lost after that interception, I saw some players being poor sports and acting like hockey players to get their jabs in. Classy move.

When we won, and the camera showed Sherman’s face of shock, we in my living room extended our middle fingers up to my TV screen, a gesture we rarely would ever do, but after his taunting, he deserved it.

And as for the parade….well, the parade isn’t for you. The parade isn’t for the media or for football fans across the country. The parade is for the players to show appreciation and celebrate with their fans. Frankly, I could care less what the Seahawks do at their parade. That’s between them and their fans.

The signs and shirt were made by fans, and a few players got caught up in the excitement of it. Most were sick of the bandwagon of haters that had something to say throughout the year and the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. The sign you most likely are speaking of was a meme created or promoted by one of our Red Sox players. It wasn’t a picture of the whole team or your symbol of the organization as a whole. It was a picture of a guy who was over-confident and opened his mouth to 111 million plus viewers too soon and it backfired.

And you better believe we as fans will respond.

If we lost that game, and you as fans did the same, we wouldn’t write a letter to a network complaining about poor sportsmanship. Why? Because as fans we get it.

If you choose to no longer respect the whole Patriots organization because of a couple players having fun with some of the best sports fans in the country, then get in line with many others who have been there long before you were ever a Seahawks fan. It won’t change us or our love for our teams. It won’t change the fact that Brady and Belichick have become a legacy in the NFL. And it certainly doesn’t taint what this win has meant to them or us fans.

So go on and write your letter on how much you don’t respect us, because as Rhett Butler once so eloquently put it… “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”


Leila from the best city of fans and teams I’m proud to call home.


66 thoughts on “Open Reply to That Seahawks Fan, From a Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics (and I have the guts to admit, a bandwagon Revolution) Fan

  1. Francisco says:

    Well said. Your last sentence was my very first response upon reading that letter. We don’t give a damn. Hate us and lose all the respect you want. It doesn’t change a damn thing. We will always back our teams.

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  2. Rachel K. says:

    Couldn’t have said it better Leila!!!!! Patriots Nation stands PROUD!!!! We ARE SuperBowl Champs, and NO ONE can take that from us……..EVAH!!!!! GOOOOOO PATS!!!!

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    • They have a legit chance at a fifth win! Wouldn’t that be the best silencer to haters everwhere? I know I’m dreaming, and I wouldn’t be disappointed if they didn’t. Proud of those boys! Wooo Hoooo!


  3. norm says:

    I’m a Pats fan living in Vancouver Canada 2hrs away from Seattle so I get all the heat from all the haters calling them cheats, I just laugh at them and say go present your newly discovered information to Roger and co then they look at me with ten heads. I so wish I was there for the parade but we’ll that would have been hard to do, I can’t wait for next season when me and one of my friends who is a fellow Pats fan travel to Boston to take. In a game in Foxborough for the first time, we want to see Tom and Bill before they retire.

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  4. uncle Bob says:

    Born in Lowell, never been to a Celtics or Bruins game but been to a few Red Sox games and the only time I was in Foxboro stadium was for a Pink Floyd concert, not a Patriots game. Just never a big sports fan but when asked who I favor in any sport game I automatically say “Boston”….. its just rooted in me … I don’t follow the teams and players and only watch the playoff and title games when a Boston team is playing…. otherwise I don’t give a hoot about it…. and as a Boston guy I will talk crap when we win and brush off a loss as “next time”…… The “deflategate” meant absolutely nothing to me and the win an affirmation of my roots…..

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    • Hey Uncle Bob. It’s funny how that happens being raised around here! I was not really a sports fan, I dabbled and went to a few games in high school, but it wasn’t until my 20’s I became a real fan. It started with the Red Sox and moved on from there. I’m a little obsessed haha.


  5. Ed says:

    We’re from New England. We’ve been weathered by Ted Sox losses and Patriots paranoia.
    We can take it. We’ve been on the other side against New York no less.
    Seattle fans need to toughen up. No repeat after me ” wait until next year”

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    • You have to admit, we are a little spoiled. But yes, Seattle seems to be a little too sensitive. At least Yankees and Red Sox have an understanding. The digs, the rivalry is part of the whole fun. But we give respect when it’s due, and we recognize classy moves like when they raised a Red sox and Boston banner after the marathon bombing. Some things trump sports and rivalry.


  6. Lynne says:

    Great letter. Agree 100%. I would also emphasize the fight at the end of tad more. It really did note their true nature, they are often a smack talking and intentionally offensive team. And despite whether Pete Carroll is a good coach or not, he condones that behavior, as well as all the smack talking that they do. As for Sherman, he attacked Brady’s character, tried to claim in front of all America on tv, that Brady is something other than a man of integrity. He insinuated that he was a liar in front of millions of people. Also, in the middle of the game, Sherman accused one of the most passionate players on the face of the earth of his heart being gone, “his heart is gone, it’s almost gone”. The best meme created this season when they show Sherman’s sad reaction to our win. What we saw was that Sherman’s heart was gone, it was almost gone! Then, a second meme became popular. It was the one where he was taunting Revis on the play were a ref presented unintentional interference which allowed them a touchdown against Regis. We don’t mind the touchdown, we do not even mind the unintentional interference from the ref. But, we do mind the taunting of Revis by Richard Sherman. As it turns out in the meme, the four fingers that Sherman held up with his fingers to taunt Regis, turned out to be the number of rings on Tom Brady’s fingers! Sweet revenge. Lastly, we as Boston fans know, that the media and the rest of the nation, are brutal to the Patriots. We win a lot, we’re on top a lot, and everyone hates the top dog and they are constantly looking for ways to knock us down. We have been hated for years. So when we do something, even when there is no proof that we even did it, as Leila said, we are relentlessly attacked, usually without justification. But when a Seahawks fan takes a football on national television, and pretends to take a crap on top of it, the media basically ignores the entire action, and instead, decides to focus on the Patriots poor sportsmanship. At some point, enough is enough. If you kick the sleeping dog enough times, the dog will eventually bite you. What I think the Seahawks, and their fans, must remember, is that Karma is an ice cold bitch!

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    • Thanks for mentioning all the other Sherman digs. There was also the “you mad bro?” when they beat the Patriots last year. Strange how fans of the most trash talking players in the NFL could call us out on our players intergrity and sportsmanship. AT A PARADE. THAT WASN’T FOR ANY ONE BUT THEM AND THE FANS. Yet through everything else, they showed the class Belichick demands as a team. No one is better than anyone else. And you can be damn sure no player would be allowed to pull what Lynch did at media day. He would be benched lol!


  7. Carl says:

    Great letter! Very well written and speaks directly to Seahawk fans who have plenty to say. As a Boston sports fan, I approve of the words you wrote on my behalf! One last thing to say, SEAHAWK FANS: How do you like rooting for the team that has had the very first ejection of a player from a Super Bowl?

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  8. Rachelle says:

    Well said! I am a Red Sox, Patriots, and Bruins fan (and a bandwagon Celtics fan… I just don’t get into basketball but I am still super excited for them to play well!). I live in Indiana and I take a lot of heat for not being a Colts fan. But I grew up in New England and those are my teams. This letter perfectly describes how I feel.

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    • I’ve lived in Chicago and Florida at different points in my life. Understand completely! I was mostly a die hard Red Sox fan while living in Florida and the company I worked for at the time were all from New York and New Jersey. When I wore my Red Sox shirt to work they thought I was effing nuts. LOL. But it was all in good fun. No one bullied me too much.


  9. Brie says:

    I’m a Seahawks fan. While I might receive ish for posting here….. I’m actually here to tell you that I believe your letter was very well written and you make some great points.

    At first, when I watched clips of the celebration, I was angered. However, just as you say – that’s YOUR celebration. Im over it. While I don’t agree with it – I also don’t agree with some of the behavior that comes from our team and other Hawk fans either. Believe me, I – like many of us are fully aware of and completely disagree with the terrible behavior. Noticeably, it gives ALL of us and, unfortunately our beautiful city a bad reputation.

    Anyway, the point of my post is to tell you, not all Seahawks fans are how most of you view us. We are “12’s” but we are still individuals. I genuinely appreciate your letter. I also congratulate the Pats for their win. Overall, I believe it was a great contest for both teams.

    Brie =]

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    • Hello Brie, I thank you for a very well thought out and reasonable reply to this letter. We come from very different areas and I can tell you the digs are fine with us….so long as you can take it in return as well. I like the way Belichick coaches. I do believe in class and sportsmanship during games and with media (except for their trash talking to each other which we don’t hear. That’s part of the game). I can assure you that if any Patriots player pulled what Sherman or Lynch did in media, they’d be in big trouble, if not benched. He’s very strict and gives all players regardless of schooling or star status a chance. It’s all about team. That’s the “Patriot way”. I’m not saying that’s the Red Sox way, but it is the Patriot way.

      But when it comes to fans, we’re a little different. We actually love the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry. We love the digs on each other. We love to hate each other. We appreciate it because it makes the games and experience of it all even better. But we both show class towards each other when it’s called for. The Yanks put up a banner for us when the Boston Marathon Bombing happened. The Red Sox fans gave Mariano Rivera a standing ovation and gifts when he announced his retirement. We understand each other in this way. There’s a time and a place.

      I do hope the Seahawks continue with their success. As I said before, a worthy rivalry makes for great sports moments! Most of you are too nice and forgiving…lol. Pete Carroll is a lucky man, because here his head would be on a stick. But by next season we would be backing them all and ready for him to redeem himself. 😉

      But your niceness is probably what makes you the “12’s” you are. So who am I to say you’re doing it wrong? My issue wasn’t about you as fans, but in Amanda’s attack on our players. There are two sides to every story and I wanted to give her a taste of ours.

      Cheers…and hopefully we’ll see you at the Super Bowl again next year!


  10. Traci says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. As a Patriots fan, when I heard the deflategate stuff from Mortensen, I was devastated. I couldn’t understand why my Patriots, who are always under a microscope, would do something so stupid. And as more information comes out, it becomes clear that it was all a bunch of hot air.

    I wanted this one more than any Super Bowl I’ve ever watched as a fan, and I’ve been a fan for 40 plus years. When Kearse made that circus catch, I immediately flashed back to Tyree’s catch and our loss to the Giants. When Malcolm Butler intercepted that ball, I jumped up and screamed and high fived my husband (a Charger fan who begrudgingly supports the Patriots as long as they don’t play his Chargers). Still, after I saw Pete Carroll say “Oh no!” and take off his headset, I felt a tinge of sympathy for him…until I watched the SoundFX episode from the Super Bowl.

    In addition to Doug Baldwin’s and Richard Sherman’s in the endzone and on the sideline respectively, I heard a lot of cockiness coming from the Seattle side and on the field. In fact, Richard Sherman told Julian Edelman, “Y’all are weak. We eat y’all for lunch!” to which Edelman replied, “You sure do talk a lot.” before burning the LOB several times after that.

    So Edleman? He deserved to punch that sign that the FAN gave him. After 2 weeks of harassment of our team and players, questioning the organization’s integrity, and acting classy on the field and off, they were letting off steam in front of THEIR fans. I’d say it was earned and well-deserved.

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  11. scott says:

    You have a lot of excuses. I guess that’s what boston fans have to do to justify the lack of class and the fact another Patriots super bowl season has a cloud of suspicion over them. I’m a Seahawks fan. I’m one who has cheered on your team for years. One of the greatest coaches ever and one of the greatest qb’s ever look like they can’t win with out cheating. I won’t make the excuses many of you have. The game was great even if it didn’t go my way. You as a Patriots fan can’t win. You couldn’t win after more and more information came out after the NFC championship game. Again the team earned the reputation of being cheaters. Anyone upset about the players behavior know nothing of the integrity of your players. People here in the Northwest no all to well of blounts issues dating back to college. A classless man who will never change. Instead of the excuses hold your team and player’s accountable for thier actions. Don’t continue to be as classless as the Ravens. As for the final line in you post. You do give a damn or this would not be here posting excuses. I’m sure I’ll be bashed here as I have seen the lack of class many patroits fans have (I’m not saying seattle has not had it’s share of issues with fans or player’s. I’m just not making excuses for it). Thanks for the great game.


    • Congratulations, you’re feeling the sting of what it means to be a fan. “You mad bro?” Let’s not be hypocritical here. I really don’t care what you think of us, or what Amanda thinks, but I do believe in being fair. There are two sides to every story, so I felt it necessary to share ours. In all honesty, I love this. I love your hate….it makes the games and the win that much sweeter. I can also take it too. I’ve had my heart broken more than a few times. And I can assure you it wasn’t because of what haters had to say about me or us.

      It’s the heart break of the teams who worked hard feeling the sting of a loss. But I get up and keep cheering for the next season and the next opportunity.

      I don’t profess to know what you are all about, so don’t claim to know who I am as a fan or what I feel or what I’ve been through.

      And if you cheered on the Pats before and changed your mind because you think they’re cheating, then I recommend you look up the Seahawks issue with Performance Enhancing Drugs. Is that not cheating? Is the vaseline, stick-ems on gloves, cheating salary caps and a whole bunch of other issues throughout the NFL not cheating? There is no proof that the Pats deflated any balls and when you look at the AFC game (not NFC) Brady played even better with regulation balls. I’m glad they corrected the problem.

      My issue is that people are quick to burn the Patriots at the stake and look at them through a microscope, but if it’s anybody else, it’s a tsk, tsk and shrug of the shoulders. Let’s be fair.

      Bring on the hate, my Seattle 12. I look forward to seeing you next year, along with loud mouth Sherman, and too-good-for-the-media-Lynch.

      Cheers…and great game by the way. I love a worthy opponent!

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  12. Bill Belicheat says:

    A very lovely letter about how much you LOOOOOOVE your *bleeping* Patriots, but in no way addresses the complaint (that was a jab at your clever blog title, in case you missed it). This thing reads like a mother whose son is arrested for hate crimes and all she can say to the media is, “but he’s such a GOOD boy!”

    I don’t whether “Deflategate” (what a stupid name, btw) was legitimate, but people wouldn’t have given it nearly as much scrutiny with any other team – i.e. teams that hadn’t recently been heavily sanctioned (without even an attempt at an appeal by the team) for cheating. You can cry and cry all you like about how persecuted the Patriots are, but the fact is that they have a crap reputation because of what malfeasances they have shown themselves willing to engage in in the past.

    Of course then again, that’s probably why the great majority of America has come to the conclusion that the only apt analogy for the Patriots is that they’re the Yankees of football. Yeah, you heard me: you guys are just like the YANKEES.

    Before you all go off on your quintessentially faux-tough butthurt rants (if this blogger even has the guts to post this comment – though if she’s read it, that’ll be more than good enough for me), you can keep them to yourselves. I won’t read them and the rest of your little echo chamber of apologists can pat yourselves on the back for how stellar a team you support. Congratulations to the New England Yankees on what a standup bunch of guys they are.


  13. Dave says:

    Loving how Seahawks fans come on here and completely ignore how classless their team acted. I mean, I could have pretended to take a dump in the end zone. Or I just post so I don’t get fined. Or be so undisciplined as to take a neutral zone penalty when my opponent can’t even take a kneel down without taking a safety and giving the ball back. Point is your team runs its mouth and acts classless, and guess what? A lot of Patriots were like that from 1997-99 when the previous coach was here. Coincidence? I think not.

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  14. Cheese to go with the whine says:

    I live in Seattle. Unfortunately these newcomer “12th Man” idiots are giving this whole area a bad rap. I’m not talking about longtime fans who supported the team in the dark days who understand sportsmanship – I’m talking about the 80 percent of the 12th Man cult who can’t tell name another Seahawks QB besides Russell Wilson, Matt Hasselbeck or Jim Zorn, or know who Cortez Kennedy or Kenny Easley are. Patriot fans would get a kick out of the blank stares I get when I ask a newby 12th Man what the connection between Texas A&M and 12th Man is. Enjoy the win – it was a hell of a game. It’s too bad all this whining is taking some of the luster off a great, great game.

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    • Yes, I sort of apologize for my bandwagon dig in the title. Obviously you are part of the elite who knows what it means to be a fan to experience true heart break. I know we seem to win a lot in Boston as of late, but we’ve experienced heartbreaks during and long before that. I remember my grandfather in shock after our 2004 World Series saying “I never thought I would see this in my life time” Yet despite that, he watched the games and still cheered on the Red Sox since he was a kid, as his father did and his father before that. I love the rival and look forward to having another incredible game. I love the nail biters!


    • PS, we have our bandwagon fans too and our local media exploits them no end to our enjoyment. Toucher and Rich do a show where they send out one of their guys to interview what we deem as “pink hats” and ask them basic sports questions about the team they are cheering for. The results are beyond hilarious. It’s everywhere. Even in a hard core town like Boston. But I do have to say there are more knowledgeable hard core fans than the “pink hats. 😉

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  15. Kaitlyn says:

    I recently moved from New England to Seattle. I understand what it’s like to be a New England sports fan. I will always support the Patriots. What I’ve come to realize is that the majority of people that live in the PNW don’t understand the culture of New England sports or Boston itself. I wore my Patriots shirt proudly on Monday morning. I was so proud of my team. I expected stares and dirty looks. What I didn’t expect was the cruelness from the Seahawks fans. They threw Skittles at me, bottles out of their car windows while I was walking down the street, and getting coffee “accidentally” spilled all over me while I was in line at Starbucks, ruining my Patriots shirt. The reason I didn’t expect any of this is because I have NEVER seen a Patriots fan act that way towards a fan of another team. Trash talk is one thing. But to physically harm someone because you can’t suck it up and take the loss is just so sad. I went home heartbroken and ashamed that people can treat other people that way over a football game. I’m embarrassed to associate myself with the PNW currently. I hope to see the Patriots go on to win 5 Super Bowls. They deserve it and they deserve to celebrate however they choose. Stay strong Patriots fans!


    • In 2003 when our hearts were broken when we had the chance and a big lead to win against the Yanks, I could imagine how some Boston fans would’ve responded if someone wore a Yankees jersey the next day on our turf. But to our defense, this was years of pent up heart breaks between Red Sox and Yankees. I don’t condone that kind of behavior at all. And for Seahawks fans to attack you like that…a team we never really had a rival with until this year, well that is a bit shocking. If the Greenbay Packers won the Super Bowl over us and someone wore their jersey the next day, I can’t see that person getting attacked here. Your right, dirty looks is one thing, but throwing things and spilling coffee on you is another. You should write your own letter and send it in to Fox. It seems not all Seattle fans are the fair and forgiving fans who represent good sportsmanship.


  16. Original Lex says:

    Great letter. I’ve lived through it all with our teams, all of it – 67, 75, 86 Sox – 89, 90 B’s – 85 Pats – Len Bias – Norman Levielle – Darryl Stingely – Tony C. This town has had more than it share of lean years. So let us bask in the warmth of victory for as long as it lasts. Those of us old enough know it won’t last forever!

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    • I’m too young for that, but I do remember at 9 years old our teacher made us write something to support the Patriots up on the board when we were facing the Bears in the Super Bowl. Funny the things you remember growing up. I must admit that as a kid I wasn’t much into sports. I was more of the creative type, but in high school I had an appreciation for sports, and good at cheering (definitely not playing). It wasn’t until my mid twenties that I became a true fan…and that started with the Red Sox in 2002. I knew all about the Yankee and Red Sox rivarly. I knew the heart breaks people like my grandfather endured and what it meant to the city even before becoming a true Red Sox fan.

      I traveled alone 90% in my new job after college, and most restaurants had sports on the TV and that’s how I became a fan and hooked. It started with Red Sox, then the Patriots, I moved on to the Celtics, but I had no interest in hockey…until a friend of mine convinced me to watch a game (which I had never done.) Well, there was nothing else on one night and put on the Bruins. It was 2011 and it was probably the third game in their first playoff series. I was HOOKED. It was so intense that I couldn’t take my eyes away. My only regret was that I didn’t give it a chance earlier.

      You better believe I watched the rest of that playoff series. My favorite that year was game 7 against Tampa Bay Lightening. WOW. Talk about intense. No score and no penalties. Even as a newbie i understood this was rare by the third period. We knew that whoever scored the first goal would win this game. Even if they lost that game, I was already a fan. I even started looking up old players and learned more about ho these “Big Bad Bruins” were. I still watch hockey, yes even the regular season!

      I haven’t had to endure the losses and heartbreaks people like my grandfather had, but I did shed a tear in 2003 after our big lead loss to the Yanks. Even though I wasn’t a true fan until only a year before, I got it. That’s what happens when you grow up around hardcore and passionate fans. I understood.

      I will endure many years of heartbreaks if I have to now. I know that the Brady and Belichick era will come to an end, sooner than later. I know Chara and Bergeron will retire at some point. And I know the likes of Ortiz and Pedroia won’t last forever. I know it’s gonna take the Celtics some years to be true contenders and that the big 3 is now gone. I’m still going to be a fan. Every damn Boston team has given us some unforgettable moments and I will spend my lifetime waiting, supporting and hoping for that feeling again if I have to.

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  17. MOM says:

    YOU DO ME PROUD!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. Paula says:

    I am a Pats fan and a Native Californian. I am not a bandwagoner. I’ve been a Pats fan since Parcells was coach and Bledsoe was qb. That being said, I have always been harassed because of my love for our team. I’ve lways been told I jumped on the bandwagon and I only like them because Brady is cute. Then all this happened. I’ve had people post some extremely hateful things on my fb page because they jumped on the deflategate bandwagon. I’ve stuck by my team and I never believed it for a second. My most common response is:
    “If you have proof, please contact the NFL because they can’t seem to find any.” That doesn’t always go over very well. Anyhow, thank you for this letter. I will be sharing it with all the haters and “guilty before proven innocent” bandwagoners that love to tell me how my team doesn’t deserve to be the Super Bowl Champs.

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  19. Like “original Lex”, I have been a die hard Boston fan for MANY years; long before the last decade and a half of success. We “old folks” had endured the ridicule of the rest of the NFL when our team was known as the “patsies”, and I think the phrase “wait’ll next year” had to have been coined somewhere locally by a Red Sox loyal. I am a true sports fan and admire anyone who supports their favored team ALWAYS. Rivalries are fun and are meant to be spirited.
    Since we New Englanders are known to be tough we can take this “hate” and just use it for inspiration and fodder for banter – such as all this 🙂
    I think we’ve found new rivals 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love talking to the “old folks” about what it was like “way back then” lol, and they always have stories! I also try to watch some documentaries and interviews with some of the old greats, especially with Bruins and Red Sox, and of course the Bird McHale, and Parish era . I’ll have to check out more old Patriots film.. If you can recommend any, I’d be grateful. As for the rival part, you’re right on and I’m loving every moment of it! 🙂


  20. kirk says:

    Very well put. I agree 110%!! Boston sports fan since 84′ and I believe we have the most passion of all so bet your arse you come at us with disrespect you will reap what you sew!!

    Liked by 1 person

  21. This Carolina Panthers fan couldn’t be happier that the Patriots beat the Seahawks. Not because the Seahawks beat us in the playoffs, but because they are a bunch of trash talking, bad sports and they diminish the game. Many of their fans aren’t much better.When the Panthers managed to beat the Patriots a couple of seasons ago, I was thrilled. Not because I’m a bad sport, or had any bad feelings about our loss to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I was thrilled because we beat an exceptional team and an exceptional coach. It was a win we could be proud of. If we manage to beat the Seahawks this upcoming season I’ll be thrilled, but for a different reason. As far as that fifth win you mentioned, I’m hoping the Panthers have something to say about that. But for now, congratulations! I’m happy for the team and the region.


  22. Jon says:

    This Carolina Panthers fan couldn’t be happier that the Patriots beat the Seahawks. Not because the Seahawks beat us in the playoffs, but because they are a bunch of trash talking, bad sports and they diminish the game. Many of their fans aren’t much better.When the Panthers managed to beat the Patriots a couple of seasons ago, I was thrilled. Not because I’m a bad sport, or had any bad feelings about our loss to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I was thrilled because we beat an exceptional team and an exceptional coach. It was a win we could be proud of. If we manage to beat the Seahawks this upcoming season I’ll be thrilled, but for a different reason. As far as that fifth win you mentioned, I’m hoping the Panthers have something to say about that. But for now, congratulations! I’m happy for the team and the region.


    • It was a wild ride for sure! When I say a fifth, I don’t want to seem that greedy lol. It’s possible, but it would be a tough one to get. I would never be upset if Brady, Belichick and the Patriots, couldn’t pull it off. They gave us so much already. But I can’t lie…it would be sweet and silence a lot of bias sports analysts. Some are still making the argument that Manning is still a better QB than Brady after this win. Come on. Post season has to count for something! I have no ill will toward the Panthers, in fact I’d be cool with any team winning except the Ravens, Colts, Giants, or Seahawks. If we lost to the Panthers, I could take it…so long as it was a good fight to the end. Blowouts are devastating, (cough, Manning) I shouldn’t say that. He is a good QB, but post season….ouch. I almost feel bad for him. I know I would get a lot of flack for saying this from my fellow Boston fans, but I wouldn’t be mad if Manning did pull out one more Super Bowl win before he retires. I wouldn’t like what national media would do with it, but like I said he’s a great QB and would be a nice way to say goodbye to his football career. But, he still wouldn’t be better than Brady 😉


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