In Utah, Salt is a Way of Life

There was a time people secretly rooted for the Jazz. They are a small market team with a great staff and seemingly great fans who poured their hearts into their young prospects…specifically, Gordon Hayward.

They watched this young buck grow from a gangling draft pick and into the man and All Star he’s become…only to have their hearts ripped out when he announced he was moving on to the Celtics in Free Agency.

As a fan, I totally get the heartbreak.

He opted out of his contract and pursued free agency. This move was a clear indication that he may not return as a Jazz. But the fans rallied…persisted that he stay. They put together money to buy #Stayward billboards. They unified to create videos pleading for him to stay. Teachers even had children write him letters on why he should never leave and how much they adored Hayward.

Beautiful right? Like something out of a movie? And in the happy Hollywood ending, he would stay. He’d be “loyal” to his fans who cheered for him all those years. He wouldn’t take the “easy” road. He’s better than that. Competitive. Our guy we rooted for will do everything it takes to win with the Jazz.

Because we own him.

He’s ours.

We made him into what he is and screw him for leaving.

Or the “I don’t care that he left. It’s the way he left. The Jazz organization deserves better. The fans deserve better.

He’s dead to me.”

And let’s not forget the salty response article from local beat writer, Gordon Monson: Goodbye Gordon Hayward, whoever you are.

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A Moment of Silence for The Boston Globe

Please give a moment of silence to the victim of a recent tragedy: The Boston Globe. They are the victim of “censorship.” An innocent media vilified and banned for doing nothing other than it’s job…reporting the *cough* news.

Do we live in a world where the very fabric of the term ‘freedom of the press’ is slowly dying and withering away like The Boston Globe’s newspaper sales?

The journalists and pundits band together to say: No more! This is more than a business! This is more than hot takes and clickbait! This is about the very freedom of our democracy!

You shall not ban us!

All this for a photograph opportunity at private charity event, not a journalistic news story. Continue reading

Controversy, Patriots

Darius Fleming’s Character Was Questioned for One Reason: He Wears a Patriots Uniform

I hear it all the time in various phrases, but it basically comes down to this: “Cheatriots fans are the worst! Always got an imaginary chip on their shoulder.”

But today has only exemplified why the ‘Us versus Them’ mentality has been ingrained in us and why a legion of Patriots fans feel the need to Defend the Wall of Patriots Nation.

Thursday afternoon, Darius Fleming…a man who was recently in the news this past December, when he and Patriots rookie, Brandon King bought Target gift cards and handed them to random holiday shoppers for Christmas…was in the news again today. Continue reading


goodell kensil staches


Mike and Roger spotted at Gillette


What are your actions teaching your players? What is the culture within your team? What are you teaching aspiring and future NFL players?

Will you teach them to be great? To be leaders? To work hard? Will you teach them how to take the hit and keep moving forward or will you complain and give excuses… Continue reading

Controversy, Patriots

Oh, the Irony: The Patriots vs. the NFL, ESPN and Sports Illustrated

The NFL obviously doesn’t like to lose. Within mere days after Judge Berman’s ruling, all kinds of new lows have emerged from the depths:

  1. A misleading photo of Kraft with two other gentlemen, drinking and laughing is plopped smack under the headline ‘Patriots owner, ‘Deflategate’ judge mingle at a party. The truth? If you go to the New York gossip website Page Six who broke the story, you will see the names of those in the photo: Ron Perelmen, Robert Kraft, and Jack Welsh. No photo of the judge and Kraft exist, for the fact that they were introduced, spoke politely for a couple of minutes, and were never seen together before or since.
  2. On Tuesday…two days before the Patriots home-opening game…ESPN’s Outside the Lines, unleashes a forty page expose mixing facts with dazzling urban legends they have titled ‘Spygate to Deflategate: Inside what split the NFL and Patriots apart
  3. On the same day ESPN slammed the Patriots with a propaganda-esque style campaign fit for a John Steinbeck novel, Sports Illustrated’s article waves its magic football needle to pump more hot air into the heads of the true victims here: the general public.

The irony of all this? In a desperate attempt to smear the Patriots’ name and credibility, the NFL, ESPN, and Sport’s Illustrated, are destroying their own reputations. Continue reading

Controversy, Patriots

The Real Story on Judge Berman and Robert Kraft

kraft hamptonsDo you see the picture on the right? They seem to know each other pretty well—smiling and laughing and having a good old time. The men’s names in this picture are Ron Perelman (left), Robert Kraft (center), and Jack Welch (right.)

You can read those names listed under the photo on the gossip website who broke the story, Page Six, here.

It wouldn’t be uncommon to assume this was a photo of Kraft with Judge Berman. The display along with the headline is very misleading, but what else can you expect from a gossip-tabloid style website?

Okay, so you accept that there is no photo of Kraft and Berman “mingling”, but you want to know why a NY federal judge who has just overturned Tom Brady’s case was seen “mingling” with the Patriots’ owner at a party.

Here’s the facts: Continue reading